As an established player in the Food industry, IAM today offers solution at various levels customized individually for addressing market segments to its estimated potential.

Start-up Food Company

If you are new and are looking forward to establish yourself in the packaged speciality food business – we have the blend of right solution for you. Our range of well-researched and time-tested recipes can provide a lead start in launching products under your label. As you grow, IAM shall keep on providing wider options enabling to introduce more products.

Established Food Company

IAM has been dealing with well established companies in the retail food segment by offering unique product recipes. Further, it also provides R&D assistance for developing new recipes for target market segments. In addition, IAM with its expertise and repository of products, can help in extending the existing line of your branded / private label products.

Food Importer / Broker

For established importer of packaged gourmet food products in different countries / regions having a proper distribution network, IAM is an ideal one-stop shop for sourcing requirements. With its range of products covering a wide variety of taste, it would be ideal partnering IAM to leverage an established supply chain.

Food Consultant

IAM invites food consultants to use its manufacturing / production infrastructure. Its R&D facilities could be availed to develop new recipes. Moreover, IAM is always keen to closely work together in establishing branded packaged products or different market segments across the globe.

Food Service / Restaurant Supplier

At IAM, we provide the back end service and support to the supply chain catering to the food and restaurant industry. We understand the challanges and are committed to time-bound delivery schedules. Our range provides opportunity for introduction of more products through the already estabished network contributing to the supplier's business growth.